Coordinate Keyboard for iOS

The app and keyboard’s main purpose to make editing geographical coordinates easier—quite niche use case. I do it primary for myself because it helps me geocaching 🙂 But I think it can be useful for other as well.

The extension accompanying app show the full intended functionality. In the standalone keyboard extension itself, however, it is technically not possible to use the map (most likely memory limits) at this time.

The functionality is obvious I think.

Coordinates can be edited either in keyboard own interactive display or map and then inserted in the document by “⇧” key, or they can be edited simulaneously both in the document and keyboard display.

Right now, only one coordinates format and basic Apple maps are supported—for the initial release I focused to the core functionality and usability. In future, I plan supporting alternate maps (this also may enable maps in custom keyboard) and additional coordinate formats.

Privacy Policy Note:

To use the keyboard it is useful enabling its access to Location services (GPS).

The keyboard uses location information to show your local coordinates, your location on the map and to calculate your distance from the edited coordinates.

Your location is in no way stored, shared or sent over the Internet.